Here Is How You’re Going To Make Them Miss You

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First you’re going to let yourself miss them.

You aren’t going to call them. You aren’t going to beg them. You aren’t going to plead or bargain or negotiate your way into getting back together. You aren’t going to miss them publically or loudly or desperately but you are going to feel it straight through to the core.

You aren’t going to lie to yourself about feeling amazing and fine. You’re going to feel shitty. You’re going to feel lonely. You’re going to curl up in bed with a warm mug of tea and a huge, hollowed-out heart and you’re going to cry for as many nights in a row as it takes. You’re going to keep yourself together on the outside but make no lies to yourself on the inside. You are hurting. You are reeling. You are going through a thing and that’s okay. You aren’t going…

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23 Things Only People Who Were Raised By Really Strict Parents Understand

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1. You were always the first person who had to leave when everyone was hanging out.

2. Asking permission for a sleepover at your friend’s house took 37 hours of mental preparation, a detailed powerpoint presentation of your friend’s family tree, and a signed contract in your blood saying you wouldn’t drink and would be in bed by 10pm.

3. Whenever your friends would make plans for later that night, you knew your parents would say no because it literally took them 2-3 business days to process whether they would allow you to go out.

4. You would practice asking your parents for permission to do something in the mirror and preemptively come up with answers to questions you knew they’d ask.

5. You also always had to wait until they were in…

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To The Boys Who Think They Are Friendzoned

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Seriously, can you please just grow up?

I know that might sound harsh and maybe there was a more gentle, subtle approach I could have taken, but seriously. We’re adults, and you need to get over yourself.

Why do you insist on walking around, shoulders slumped, playing the victim? You are not a character in a Nicholas Sparks novel. You can keep writing letters, building your metaphorical house, sitting there pining for the day that she suddenly springs out of bed, eyes wide because she realizes what has always been right in front of her; but it’s pipe dream. It’s something novelists invented to sell books to people who refuse to face reality.

It isn’t reality. It’s a fictionalized version of a life so unobtainable and you are dwelling on it while ruining the life you actually have.

Yes, she’s attractive. Yes, she’s fun. Yes, she made your stomach…

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Your Anxiety Isn’t An Excuse To Be An Asshole

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Suffering in silence via Kupicoo

Hey. Yeah, you, with the anxiety. I’d like to talk to you for a second, because I feel – between the all-consuming monster that is Introvert Culture, and the enabling, garbled pseudo-psychology that is Tumblr Advice – that we’ve gotten a little out of control about what it means to be anxious, and what that entitles you to. While it’s an excellent thing that we’re finally talking somewhat openly about mental illness (or, well, anxiety and depression, which are basically the only things the internet likes discussing asides generalized introversion), it’s important that we talk about these things in a constructive way. So let’s do that. But first, some credentials, because I don’t like yelling about things I don’t understand. (Yes, I do.)

I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (for the first time about two years ago), and have since taken various medications at different times…

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I Just Said What Every Other Woman Is Thinking

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Flickr / Helga WeberFlickr / Helga Weber

I had a great date with a man who is handsome, charming, educated, sensual and a gentleman. We drank wine and ate wonderful, expensive food. The date ended with a passionate kiss…and more.

We continued to talk after our date (via text), and I felt excited about seeing him again. I desired to know him better.

Before meeting in person (we’d connected over Tinder) we talked every day, and he mentioned different dates he’d like to take me on…to the movies, restaurants, etc. He seemed anxious and excited to meet me. He attempted scheduling one date that was canceled after he suffered a knee injury during a soccer game. But we quickly agreed to meet for our date another day, just a few days later. He was making every effort to see me, and I too was interested in meeting him.

After the date, while we…

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12 Types Of Flaky You Become When You’re A Young Professional

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Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23

1. The Let’s Catch Up Soon

“I have no desire to spend $30 at a group dinner that’s mostly your friends, but I’m definitely not ready to emotionally abandon this friendship just yet. So let’s catch up soon!”


2. The I’ll Let You Know

“I’m certainly interested in going camping in upstate New York, but I have to check with my pet fish and make sure it’s ok with him, so I’ll let you know.”


3. The Co-Worker Semi Dupe

“I’d love to get drinks with you guys and converse after a long day of not talking to each other for 9 hours straight. Unfortunately, I have a vaguely explained personal thing that I definitely can’t miss, and definitely can’t elaborate upon any further.”


4. The Facebook Event Attend Non-Attend

“I know you need this pretty badly, so let’s just say…

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10 Exhausting Reasons I’m Sick Of Talking About Women And Other Topics Concerning Gender

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Shutterstock / fasthorsesShutterstock / fasthorses

Here’s the fact of the matter: we are in 2015 and women are allowed to do whatever we want to do. I recently read an article on here about how women literally can’t win, and I’ve never read anything so true (that’s probably an exaggeration). I’m tired of talking about women because there shouldn’t even be anything else to talk about.

If women want to be super emotional, cool, do that. If women want to be super independent and never speak to a man ever, cool, do that too. DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO. We’ve exhausted the whole woman conversation and here are some reasons why I’m sick of hearing about my own gender.

1. I’m sick of men talking about women like they know how women work, because, well, they don’t.

2. I’m sick of women talking about other women negatively. We’re all in this…

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10 Meaningless Things Guys Do That Make Girls Think They Like Them

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Amazon / CluelessAmazon / Clueless

1. He likes your photos, repeatedly.

He likes your photo, not necessarily the girl in it. A Facebook or Instagram like is not the equivalent of an “I like you.” He’s most likely strolling through his newsfeed bored, and stops to notice that you look hot in your photo. It doesn’t take much effort to click a thumbs up on his computer screen.

2. He buys you a drink.

Most girls don’t mind when a guy buys them a drink, especially if he’s cute and we’re into him, but this is not a marriage proposal either. That vodka cranberry is more like a voucher for a dance or a kiss, than it is a promise of any kind of future relations.

3. He texts you…when he’s drunk.

Don’t read too far into the texts he is sending you at 2 am. They are more a reflection of…

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5 Anxieties Unique To The Digital Age

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Black MirrorBlack Mirror

I was never an anxious person, maybe up until a few years ago. Part of this, I think, has to do with increased adult responsibilities, growing up, and gaining an ever-growing understanding of the (sometimes horrifying) the world around us. A good amount of it, however, I’m pretty sure has to with the everyday realities of the digital age.

The notifications, the vibrates, the interconnectivity — or lack thereof — undoubtedly has an affect on all of our psyches. Here are five anxieties I’ve (and I’m guessing others) have developed, that are unique to the digital age:

1. Email/Social Media Notifications Upon Wake Up

I can’t remember where I heard this (I’ve been trying to figure it out for about an hour), but I either read or heard somewhere that checking your stuff upon wake up puts you in a consumption mindset. That your brain fundamentally shifts to…

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