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Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23

1. The Let’s Catch Up Soon

“I have no desire to spend $30 at a group dinner that’s mostly your friends, but I’m definitely not ready to emotionally abandon this friendship just yet. So let’s catch up soon!”


2. The I’ll Let You Know

“I’m certainly interested in going camping in upstate New York, but I have to check with my pet fish and make sure it’s ok with him, so I’ll let you know.”


3. The Co-Worker Semi Dupe

“I’d love to get drinks with you guys and converse after a long day of not talking to each other for 9 hours straight. Unfortunately, I have a vaguely explained personal thing that I definitely can’t miss, and definitely can’t elaborate upon any further.”


4. The Facebook Event Attend Non-Attend

“I know you need this pretty badly, so let’s just say…

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